Musings Of An Independent Author

- June 3rd, 2014 -

I’ve been told by those in the know to refer to myself as an “Independent Author”, and to no longer use the term “Self Published.”  They tell me it has more cachet, and does not evoke the stigma of vanity publishing of years gone by.  Since adopting the new moniker I haven’t noticed any difference in my ranking on Amazon’s listing of top selling authors, I’m still in the 200,000’s. Regardless of the label, I have found, thus far, that those of us without publishers and agents are the ‘Rodney Dangerfields of the publishing industry, “We don’t get no respect!”

Undaunted I continue to grind out my novels and set them afloat in the vast sea of the internet in hope that some enlightened publisher or agent will discover me.  Fat chance you say.  Perhaps, but here’s my take on the current state of the wonderful world of publishing:


Of course you already knew that.  But you would be amazed at how many writers, agents, editors, publishers and others in the industry have not yet gotten the message.  Recently a published author who is a friend of mine complained to me that his advance for his next book was one fifth the amount he had received for his last book.  He considered it an insult.  After I dope slapped him I asked if he had received any royalties on his last book. He told me he had not because the sales had not yet covered his advance. He claimed he was being victimized by his publisher who was not giving him an accurate accounting of the sales of his book.

Although my friend is a terrific writer, he is stuck in the past, unaware that, with exception of the top selling authors, and retired politicians and celebrities, large advances are, like eight track tape players(there’s a reference that anyone under 40 reading this will wonder about), are a thing of the past.

Today, with publishing on demand, the shuttering of book stores, the proliferation of kindles, tablets and as yet to be unveiled newer and neater devices to get out the printed word without actually printing, the rules of the game are in total flux. Now anyone with a few dollars can have his book published without having to go through the often humiliating exercise of begging an agent or publishing house of granting him the privilege of their august services. (Do you think this sounds a little bitter? My bad!)

While I, like many other independent authors, (gee that was surprisingly easy) would like to have our talent acknowledged by the literary establishment, I can publish and sell my novels without their participation.  Indeed, if the old rules still applied my books would never have seen the ink of print (I thought that looked better than the light of day).  My readers (a small but dedicated group of discerning, intelligent, and no doubt attractive fans of the murder/mystery genre) would have been deprived of the pleasure of getting to know Jack Regan and Izzy Ichowitz in ‘Murder and Mayhem in Manayunk’, and shortly in the sequel, ‘Fishtown’, which is currently in the editing process, or Bernie Green, and the eclectic cast of characters in ‘The Pal-la-ti-shan.’

So I’m launching this web page, once again on the advice of people in the know, as part of my plan to capture the attention of other discerning, intelligent and attractive readers in search of the next hot author.  I hope you’ll give one of my novels a try.