Northern Liberties

Who murdered Izzy Ichowitz? The 70 year old retired homicide detective was stabbed to death in an alley near his godson, Philadelphia District Attorney, Jack Regan’s office. Since his retirement from the force, Ichowitz had been working as one of Regan’s detectives. Is the killer connected to a case Regan is prosecuting, or is it someone from the detective’s past?

Regan and Homicide Chief Larry Jackson, are determined to find the killer. The investigation leads them to a confrontation with the local Russian mob and a conspiracy involving political corruption with international dimensions that threatens Jack’s stepson Liam and his girlfriend.

Learning that his son is in danger, Michael Flynn returns to make sure Liam stays out of harm’s way. As Flynn and his gang of Irish expats try to keep a careful eye on Liam, they encounter the Israeli assassin Shona Cohen. Why on earth would Shona, who is wanted for murder in the States, have returned to Philly? Is her presence connected in some way to Izzy’s murder?

Join Regan and Flynn in this exciting conclusion to the final episode of the Regan/Ichowitz trilogy.