It’s been six weeks since the rogue Mossad agents, Nooris and Rabinowitz, were recaptured when their attempt to discover the identity of the person who betrayed them was thwarted by the very individual they were seeking. Homicide Detective Isadore Ichowitz is recovering from the wounds he sustained in the incident when Nooris shot him to convince Vito Coratelli to tell them what they wanted to know. Even though Nooris and Rabinowitz are being detained as terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Ichowitz is concerned that Shona Cohen, the remaining member of the gang, who is still on the loose, is a continuing threat to the well-being of his godson, Assistant District Attorney Jack Regan and his family.

Jack believes Izzy’s concerns are unwarranted. After all, why would someone who is wanted for murder return to Philly, when her companions are in custody with no chance for release, and she still possesses a valuable post-impressionist painting worth millions, ‘The Pitcher’ by Georges Bracque, that her gang stole from the Barnes Foundation, thus assuring her the means to go anywhere in the world she desires?

Jack’s wedding to Kate O’Malley is only 48 hours away, when all hell breaks loose.

Jack and Izzy are ‘requested’ by the CIA to fly to Cuba to ensure the former Mossad agents that the deal the U.S. Attorney offered them in return for information that can lead to the apprehension of the new head of Al Qaeda is genuine. Jack barely makes it back to Philly in time for the wedding ceremony. Before he can brush the rice from his hair, he has to put his honeymoon plans on hold to help prosecute a multiple murder case against a doctor who ran an abortion mill in West Philly. The doctor is represented by none other than Vito Coratelli.

Izzy’s retirement from the Philadelphia Police Department is derailed, when the remains of four young women, holding hands, are unearthed in a construction site in Fishtown, an old Philadelphia neighborhood near the banks of the Delaware River, fast becoming a destination address for artists, toney restaurants and hip young professionals who follow in their wake. The crime scene reminds the Homicide Chief of a murder investigation Izzy handled 40 years ago.

As Ichowitz delves into the mystery of the Fishtown bodies, and Jack’s involvement in the murder case becomes more complicated, their concern for the safety of Kate and her son Liam becomes real, when Nooris and Rabinowitz are released from custody, and no one knows the whereabouts of Shona Cohen.

Is there a connection between the bodies and the case Izzy handled 40 years ago? Are Kate and Liam in harms’ way? Find out in Neal Goldstein’s new novel, Fishtown, the exciting sequel to Murder and Mayhem in Manyunk.